In some instances, you might locate a pattern that resembles something whether it’s an everyday object or a living being. When pattern is employed as a supporting element, it has to be used carefully so it doesn’t confuse or overwhelm the viewer. Of course it’s easier to change the lighting pattern if it is possible to move the light source.

Keep in mind, nature is full of patterns it is possible to exploit. A pattern can create a feeling of calm, while a busted pattern can create a feeling of unrest. You will get better at spotting more amazing patterns more frequently, and it’s going become automatic.

If you choose to break the pattern, don’t forget the rule of thirds and put the break with an intersection to make it a true focus. Pattern is a wonderful way of creating an abstract image. Just play with the angles, by altering the positioning of the reflector you are able to alter the lighting pattern.

Because patterns are undemanding and they’re everywhere. Patterns may also be made by the interplay of color and light. When you’re taking a look at patterns as the key emphasis of the picture, a great deal of repetition will accentuate the pattern.

Patterns don’t have to be taken literally. The patterns are so natural they’re a wonder to check at. You’re able to create a pattern with any sort of repeated shape.

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