If you’re taking portraits, consider posing your model at several angles or varying the second image. A double exposure portrait is, in fact, a mixture of two pictures to make something striking. Following this tutorial, you ought to be in a position to produce double exposure portraits in 10 minutes.

Double exposure has existed since the late 1800’s. For instance, a one-second exposure is an exposure where the camera image is just as responsive to light over the exposure time of a single second. Numerous exposures are an enjoyable trick to bring a small creative edge to your portfolio.

A number of the effects are touching. Multiple exposure effects are a really good method to creatively combine at least two images. With it, you may make a great double exposure effect to your own image in only a couple of seconds.

You may make images just enjoy the ones that you see here and I’m going to demonstrate to you how. First things first, open your two images and make certain they are just the identical size. A number of the finest double exposure images incorporate vibrant skies transposed on bland company architecture.

The method we’ll cover involves blending two images together with just a couple of mouse clicks. Needless to say, you can blend any 2 images together, but within this tutorial, we are going to be focusing on portrait double exposures. You will be able to move and scale the second image in addition to the first.

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