Travel portrait photography isn’t just about creating a portrait, it is all about capturing a moment, an emotion. Competition photographers often make an attempt to be certain that the pictures are not just related but have a definite purchase. If you merely hang three photographs with a frequent theme on the exact wall, you own a triptych. The pictures need to have a frequent theme. Employing several pictures is an excellent method of telling a story. For example, the very first picture might be a portrait of somebody facing to their left. They present a few images which may be from precisely the same session or they are sometimes polar opposites to reveal opposition or contrasting ideas.

An order could be applied to a triptych in different ways too. When you’ve completed a few you can try out a variety of creative approaches to lay them out. Triptychs are a fantastic means to combine many viewpoints of precisely the same place into a single shot so that you may better tell the story of the scene you captured. A triptych is an image that is made up of three distinct images that typically relate in some manner.

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