On a complete moon shot, you’ve got to peer in the sky to observe the stars. Another plus is you’ll want to learn how to navigate around the sky to locate what you need to see. The North American sky is stuffed with awe-inspiring beauty.

Essentially, it differs by the camera. If you’ve got more than 1 camera but have just one tripod, you will spend plenty of time removing your camera and replacing it, and you will miss some fantastic shots. For the best pictures, you want a camera that enables manual control and isn’t just a fully automatic camera. Some compact digital cameras can take great night shots, but the majority of them are not excellent for this form of photography.

When you spend time taking a look at the night sky especially on a moonless night you start to observe satellites flying overhead and you’ll also likely see several meteors that streak throughout the sky. After the time was right, I got a telescope. If you have enough time, you ought to do both, but should you need to choose, I recommend Te Anau. It is our time to relish the opportunities we’ve been given. The ideal time to shoot the stars is highly contingent on the moon phase and the good time of year.

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