VSCO has labeled this pack The traditional Films, but in fact, it is a pretty diverse mixture of films. The film brings amazing colors, depth, and range. Visually speaking, I’ve always favored film. These films were developed to create more contrast, saturation, and punch than that which you’d receive from an expert film. You ought to be able to visualize how each film preset will impact your photo before applying it. I like shooting at beaches, particularly for wedding portraits! There’ll always be an iOS vs. Android battle, as lots of people are extremely committed to their precise camp.

There are a few color shifts you will need to handle that will vary image to image, but overall, I found it manageable to date. Overall, I don’t tend to go for another tone nowadays. I have a tendency to prefer more muted tones, but this is simply personal taste.

Below, we will show you few VSCO filter setting you can try.

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