Having traveled in somewhere and taste their traditional foods is a must agenda for you to make sure your visitation will be complete. Thus, if you have visited new city, don’t forget to taste their traditional food. If you are a traveler, you need to check up your health whether you have allergy to certain food or not. It will help you to avoid the foods which contain the allergic ingredients which you should avoid. You won’t mess up your holiday cause of you get your allergic, right? Thus, ensure that you have avoid them while your visitation in a new city. As if you want to go to Semarang, you need to discover Indonesia tourism Semarang of popular foods you can try whether it contains the allergic ingredients or not.

Your holiday must be perfect so don’t mess it up with your allergy. To prevent such kind of it,, here are some lists of discover Indonesia tourism Semarang of popular foods part 2 you should try:

  1. Mie Titee Grajen. As we know, Semarang dish is influenced by the Chinese traditional as well as this dish. It is a bowl of noodle which is served with pork leg, pork broth, morning glory, pork meat, and prawn as its toppings. Well, due to its complementary is using pork, so it doesn’t require for Moslem. You can find another place to taste the delicious Semarang’s noodle. This restaurant is located in Jl. MT Haryono number 311 Semarang.
  2. Soto Ayam Selan. It is same with another Soto in other cities but it has the uniqueness which is the clear chicken soup of it and served with been sprout, vermicelli, and also various types of steamed rice. It is perfect dish for accompany your morning before starting your holiday activity.
  3. Es Puter CongLik. It is a Javanese traditional ice cream which is used the coconut milk as its ingredients. It is made by using traditional equipment which rolled the ingredients with salt and ice, so that is why the name is Es Puter. If you usually taste the ice cream with milk cow as its ingredients with the soft texture, this ice cream is little bit coarse. The most popular this traditional ice cream is in Es Puter Conglik. You should not miss to taste this ice cream before leaving this city as well. It can help you in enjoying your holiday as well.
  4. Excellent Bakery and Ice Cream. If you are looking for the pastries and bread for the souvenir from this city, you can go to Excellent Bakery which serves you any kind of delicious bread and pastries. However, if you are Moslem, you should be careful in choosing the bread because some of breads are using pork as its toppings.

Those are the lists of discover Indonesia tourism Semarang of popular foods part 2 you should try. You can make a list of popular foods you can try and make sure that it doesn’t contain any kind of allergic ingredients.

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